The Team

Meet the people who make up Sono.

Maximilian Seifert
Simone Wolf
Marketing Manager
Audio Book Lover
Martin Sabbione
Valentin Isert
Office Manager
Chef de Bar
Mr. Proper
Noah Schlosser
Concept Producer
Content first
Flying Feather
Until the ambulance comes
Naveen Rabelli
R&D Engineer
Solar specialist
Solar Tuk Tuk
Laurin Hahn
Navina Pernsteiner
Creative Director
Jona Christians
Wizard of the Web
Holger Reinholz
Creative Producer
Architect Actually
Sleepless in Munich
Master of 3D
Vitalij Miller
CAD modeler
Head of CAD construction
Proud Father
Jakob Ritzenhoff
Organisation Talent
Anne-Sophie Scharrer
Tour Manager
Early bird
Organization Expert

What drives us

Electric mobility is much more than just sustainable mobility. It is about reaching beyond our dependence on oil, which has caused countless conflicts in our world. Isn’t it time we grew beyond? Our new mobility is about driving pleasure, which doesn’t require a combustion engine. It is about reducing noise in cities. It’s about each and every oil stain on the asphalt that we see every day on our way to work. And it ́s about efficiency: Using the amount of energy that would be needed to refine seven liters of gasoline, the Sion can already drive 100 km.
Maybe now you understand a little better why we think something has to change. From the very beginning, it was clear to us that this daring project is risky; we are risking failure. But we have nothing to lose.  We don’t have to pretend to be better, or bigger, than we are. We believe that we will achieve a lot more with openness.





Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Fichtel

“With YOUMO, I just had a very successful crowdfunding campaign behind me. From experience I can say that crowdfunding is an ideal financing model to implement your own idea independently and within a short time.”
Founder and CEO of casitoo design GmbH
Founder of YOUMO

Dr. Ignacio Campino

“In retrospect we can see, that the preference of the combustion engine to the electric drive was a big mistake. Only now, in the last ten years, the electric car has caught up. The challenge now is to find the way to electric mobility for everyone. SONO MOTORS GmbH is venturing to this challenge, with a self-charging electric car, which moreover has a high range, is reasonably priced, family-friendly, durable and environmentally friendly. “
Designated Management Board of the DESERTEC Foundation and former member of the National Committee of the ‘UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development’

Dr. Jakob Assmann

“Decentralized energy production is a basic building block of the energy transition. An electric car with integrated solar cells fits perfectly in.”
Founder and CEO of Polarstern GmbH







Our foundation stone is the pre-prototype developed during the last 4 years. This has already been tested on public roads. With these test drives, we were able to gain valuable experience for further development.
For this prototype we developed a range extender, which functioned as an onboard generator that charged the battery as soon as the traction battery was empty. This, we hoped would stop the customer from worrying about the range of the vehicle. It would have had above average efficiency, with a consumption of three liters of petrol per hour. However for environmental reasons, production costs and the additional maintenance of the vehicle, we decided not to add the range extender to the series production. Company-internal and in professional circles the hybrid technology is generally considered as a transitional phase, soon to be extinct.
Furthermore, in our feasibility study, we were able to have useful experiences in the development of the viSono system- also concerning the arrangement of the cells.
In this feasibility study, however, it was not about design, so our next goal is several production-ready prototypes, which correspond to the final design. However, for this we need your help, because the development of a prototype is very expensive. Together we can make a difference. Together we can bring the Sion to life.