The Sion body is equipped with integrated solar cells. These charge the battery when parked and while driving. 30 free kilometers per day are possible just from the electricity generated by the sun.

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For daily use

The Sion meets the requirements of a truly everyday car: A range of 250km, high power rapid charging, and a sophisticated interior concept with an optional trailer hitch.

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In the interior a unique moss liner is integrated into the ventilation system. It acts as a natural air filter which promotes a pleasant interior climate while filtering fine particles of dust from the air.

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A new approach to vehicle maintenance promotes simple and affordable repairs.
The repair manual will be universally available, making your Sono repairable by virtually any maintenance professional. This also means lower costs for you.

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Practicality – Everyday life, without restrictions.
We designed the Sion with features that anticipate the owner’s wants and needs:


Thanks to its seating for six, the Sion is a family-friendly vehicle. Especially for families with only one child, the Sion offers enough room for everyone to sit up front. Who isn’t familiar with this situation: One parent at the wheel, the other in the back-seat with the child; or maybe the child alone in the back, while both parents sit in the front?
Even in everyday situations, when the rear seats are folded down for additional cargo space, three seats in the front prove to be extremely versatile.



A ten inch display in the centre console allows you to connect your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and to have all your apps, your music and your contacts available immediately. No complicated operating system, just the familiar interface of your smartphone. How much time have you wasted trying to understand the strange operating system of your car? And how often was there not even one update offered for this operating system afterward?

Towing hitch


A standardized tow hitch solution which is quick and affordable. With a towing capacity of up to 1,300 kg you can tow almost any trailer without problems. The 50 kW motor and single-speed transmission guarantee good traction, even in difficult terrain.
How many times have you considered purchasing an electric car, but decided against it because of a missing trailer hitch?








Price and range

We plan on offering two models of the Sion, differentiated by their range. Design and basic equipment remain the same for both.

Optionally, the Sion will be offered with a monthly battery rental or an upfront battery purchase. Prices for this are yet to be announced. Please understand that we are still at an early stage and therefore can’t give precise details. However, the current rate of battery cost decline will likely result in a very competitive price point.

16.000€ / 17.600$
  • 250 km / 155 mi range (30kWh)
  • Fast-charging
  • The 250 km range of the Extender is achieved by the 30 kWh battery. The charger allows you to charge the batteries with between 3.7 kW AC and 50 kW DC. With a charging power of 50 kW, the batteries can be charged up to 80% or 200 km range within 30 minutes. It’s also possible to charge it with a household plug.
12.000€ / 13.200$
  • 120 km / 74 mi range (14,4kwh)
  • Fast-charging
  • The Urban is perfect for big cities. The range of 120 km is sufficient for normal city driving and commuting. The low purchase price makes the Urban interesting for delivery or courier services. Just like the Extender, the Urban can also be quick-charged up to 80% within 30 minutes using up to 22 kW AC. If you’re commuting less than 50 km one-way, the Urban is the perfect environmentally friendly alternative for you. Small battery. Minimum weight. At an unbeatable price.


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